What is Hypnotherapy and How Can it Help

Although Hypnotherapy has become very popular, I know that many people still fear the idea of Hypnosis. This is understandable when you think of stage hypnotists or see pictures of swinging watches.

Modern therapeutic Hypnotherapy is nothing like that at all.  A skilled practitioner will gently take you to a comfortable place in your mind where you can achieve total focus.  When you are in this place of total focus you begin to see your problem more clearly without the attached emotion. From here you will be guided to release any emotions that have been held by your subconscious mind to a memory or behaviour.

You were not born with fears/phobias, limiting beliefs, anxiety etc., these are all learned behaviours.

Anything learned can be unlearned!

Once this has been acknowledged your subconscious mind will find better ways for you to live your life, free from limiting beliefs and anxiety. A trained, skilled hypnotherapist will gently take you through this process.  You are in control at all times and will not do anything that is uncomfortable for you.  Often there is no need for eyes closed or disclosure of content.  It is a heightened state of awareness and total focus where you can identify and make the changes necessary to change a negative behaviour into a positive one.

Why not give it a try?  Feel free to message me, I am always happy to answer your questions either by email or telephone.  I offer free initial consultations without obligation on either side.  I will always give you an honest answer as to whether I can help and if I feel I cannot will readily recommend someone that can.

Don’t suffer in silence when help is at hand!

Distance no object as sessions can be carried out on Skype or similar.

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