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19th August 2019by Suzannah Leighton0
So many people suffer from depression these days. Often suffering in silence with a smile on their face. It has no outward signs as in physical afflictions, so often no one knows. This, I imagine can be a very lonely world. For many, creating feelings of guilt, shame and worthlessness.
Depression affects the ability to focus. It can interfere with everyday things such as work, sleep, family and friends. Leading to even greater feelings of guilt and worthlessness.
Women seem more able to talk about their feelings. Men appear to keep their feelings and emotions under wraps. This is possibly due to conditioning which is sad.
There is no shame attached to depression, it is a very real condition and help is available in many forms.
I strongly urge anyone suffering in this way, be they male or female to talk about their feelings. To seek help and support. Thus, avoiding the dark, downward spiral that can follow.
These days there is a greater awareness of mental health issues. Thus, I would encourage anyone, male or female to speak up. There definitely is light at the end of the tunnel. However dark it feels at this moment. Help is available in many forms.
During a bout of depression, it must be very difficult to believe there is a light. Options and help are available so don’t suffer in silence, seek help today.
Suzannah Leighton

Suzannah Leighton

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