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17th December 2018by Suzannah Leighton0

So what is it that holds you back from achieving the life you want?

Mostly it is an invisible barrier that blocks your way. Hear that word invisible, it is not real, you are the only one holding you back!  Maybe from childhood, remarks that have made you doubt your own abilities.

It could be a remark from parents, teachers or peers, sometimes meant to hurt but most often just a careless throwaway comment not meant in a mean way at all. 

Your subconscious mind stores this information and uses it in some way to protect you.  It aims to keep you safe.

Example 1: Let’s think of a shy person.

Just maybe, sometime in the past they had been quite outgoing and did something outrageous, they were then ridiculed on this by comments from others.  Those comments got stored in the mind and suddenly that outgoing person becomes shy and retiring.

What’s the positive? Well maybe the positive is by becoming quiet and introverted, there will never be another possibility of doing something to appear outrageous or silly and having to face similar comments again.

Example 2: A young boy has a fancy for a pretty girl in his class and decides to pluck up the courage to ask her out. 

The response he gets is a bit like this “ In your dreams, why would I want to go out with a nerd like you”?   So now the young boys confidence has been shattered in tiny pieces.  His self esteem has dropped and he might find it difficult to make approaches to the opposite sex in the future.  Limiting false belief created. A part of his mind protects him from that kind of hurt in the future and he is trapped in a web of low self esteem and lack of confidence. Possible fear of rejection.

All behaviours even negative ones have a positive somewhere.

I once worked with a lady for weight loss.  One day in a session I said “what’s the positive to being overweight”. She looked at me as if I were mad but over the course of a few sessions she suddenly remembered that she was out with friends one evening shortly after her husband had died and her friends said “you won’t be on your own for long, look at you, you are slim, attractive and have a lot going for you, you will soon meet someone”.  Now they were definitely not being mean to her but those comments stuck very deeply somewhere in her mind and struck a chord within her.

She was mortified to think of being with someone else so a part of her mind in order to protect this thought gave her some tools to ensure this would not be the case and she began to put on weight.

Years later after that event and wanting to lose weight she came to me for help. After a few sessions this memory came back to her which up until then had been completely stored away and forgotten.  When that light bulb moment happened we both laughed and from that day forward she began to lose weight. She found that part of herself again, released the emotion that was attached to the memory which in turn enabled her to take back control of her life, lose weight and heal herself.

What I am saying here is that once we find the key/emotion that triggered the negative behaviour or limiting belief we are able to release that false belief and move on to a more productive life.

Click on the link to the video.  It’s a short story written by an anonymous person but it really has a powerful message.

If you are ready to move on I can help you release that limiting belief. Call me on 07545 139009

Suzannah Leighton

Suzannah Leighton

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