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Here we'll discuss what hypnosis IS and what it ISN'T and we'll dispel some of the myths surrounding it. Ultimately it is the very beneficial use of our powerful imaginations to bring about change.
Hypnosis is a perfectly natural state that we enter regularly without even knowing. Here are some common examples of times where we often experience hypnosis:
Have you ever drifted off in a daydream where you're no longer in your current, physical setting?
Absorption in TV
Ever watched TV and been so absorbed that you didn't notice someone come into the room?
Engrossed in a book
If you've ever been totally engrossed in a book to the point of forgetting the time?
Driving a familiar route
Arrived at your destination and can't recall much (if anything) of the journey?
As you can see from each of these examples, hypnosis is a perfectly safe relaxed state of total focus. In a therapeutic sense, it is a tool that allows the hypnotherapist to offer positive suggestions directly through your subconscious mind, bypassing the cognitive thought processes in order to bring about beneficial change for you.

The hypnotic state is very relaxing, safe and comfortable but you can come out of it at any time you choose and return to your normal state of awareness.

Benefits of Hypnosis

Fast Results
Typically hypnosis delivers fast, long-lasting results when delivered effectively.
Content Free
In cases where it's difficult or inappropriate to talk about specifics, hypnosis often provides techniques that allows a hypnotherapist to deliver a positive outcome without knowing the exact details.
Whilst hypnosis has been utilized for centuries, it's popularity is growing in the modern-age as is the understanding and acceptance of it as a therapeutic tool.
Safe & Non-invasive
Fundamentally, hypnosis is a totally natural tool your body is completely used to. There are no foreign medicines or drugs to which you may have an adverse reaction.

What Hypnosis
is not

It's important to separate fact from fiction when it comes to hypnosis. Due to it's ability to deliver extreme, speedy results, hypnosis has often been unfairly vilified as something magical or daemonic - which simply untrue. With stage hypnosis dividing opinion, therapeutic hypnosis is often considered in the same way despite being used in a completely different context.
Mind Control
Some people believe that the hypnotist has some sort of power over them and can make them do things that they wouldn’t normally do. Hypnosis is a voluntary state only achieved through relaxation, not coersion.
State of sleep
Hypnosis is not a state of sleep nor is it always eyes closed. As mentioned in the 'What hypnosis is' section, we often enter a hypnotic state in situations where it's necessary to have our eyes open - such as driving or reading.
Lying down with a watch
It is not watching a swinging watch or spending long periods of time lying on a couch baring your soul. Whilst some an external stimulus can be used, hypnosis can be achieved through a range of methods - applicable to the situation and your own needs.
With content-free techniques you need not reveal anything you consider embarrassing and even content-relevant techniques are handled in a non-judgmental, confidential manner - in a similar way to much more widely recognized Counselling sessions.
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Finding the answers
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Finding the balance
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