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Sometimes it's important to hear about the experiences of others, especially with something as personal as therapy. That's why I thought it would be beneficial to share some of the experiences of some of my previous clients.

Claire Brown

I had one session of hypnosis and kinetic shift and I am totally amazed. Distressing feeling I had held on for years I cannot find the negative emotional feeling at all. Unfortunately due to me breaking my foot I haven't been able to go back for more sessions. I will be back as soon as I can though. Suzannah is brilliant and I feel so very lucky to have her in my life. Would definitely recommend this.

Sorel Townley

I spent a week with Suzannah on an EFL Diploma course. I was struggling with some issues that it bought up for me. Suzannah took me through some Kinetic Shift therapy and I can honestly say that over time it has shown itself to be a great help. I would highly recommend it.

Megan Jones

Mind Switch Therapy is magic. I was fortunate to receive this therapy a few days ago. Wow!!! I am a sufferer of arthritis and feel that my hip could give way, so I walk with a stick and the pain a great many people know too well. Twenty minutes of therapy where I felt relaxed and tingly. Now, wait for it, I got up from the chair and walked normally, I went to bed and had a good nights sleep and next morning I wondered will I still be without pain. Yes I was and still am. I am confident that I will not need an operation. There is a small amount of pain if I have overdone things and this is good. I am one happy lady and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this talented lady and Mind Switch Therapy. I will keep you informed of my progress. A heartfelt thanks to Suzy of Horsehaven in the glorious Somerset levels.
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