Overweight and Feeling Frumpy

Overweight and Feeling Frumpy
We all know that being overweight is bad for your health but sometimes it seems impossible to resolve.
It’s a nasty spiral of feelings. Feeling bad about being fat, hiding away in baggy clothes.
Shopping, instead of being fun becomes a depressing experience when clothes that are attractive won’t fit. The shopping experience serves to increase the overweight and feeling frumpy feelings. Self esteem drops, lack of confidence kicks in.
So, the feelings spiral into a place of low self-esteem, lack of confidence etc. What then? Well, some will turn to food as a source of comfort for those feelings. For a limited period of time turning to food in this way will offer a short period of comfort. Yet, the feeling of comfort soon turns to feelings of guilt, self-loathing and failure to address the problem.
Here comes the spiral as the self-esteem drops even further and the desire to snack takes over once again. Excuses are made but that is exactly what they are… Excuses. Destined to be fat forever, it’s in the genes, can’t help it, nothing works. These are myths and excuses. Yo Yo dieting, losing weight then going back to old ways and piling it back on so dieting doesn’t work. I think maybe this is true to a degree. Of course, reducing food intake, doing some exercise will result in weight loss. Without the mindset to develop a healthy lifestyle, reach the target weight and maintain it the weight will return.
So, it’s all about mindset. Developing the mindset to set the goal, a change in lifestyle and a positive outlook will result in weight loss and weight maintenance.
Help and support is available. Hypnotherapy, motivational coaching, neuro linguistic programming. All these can help encourage and support you on your journey.
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