Hypnosis & Coaching Weight Loss Group

Hypnosis & Coaching Weight Loss Group

Ready to let go of those extra lbs or stones?

If so, join our group.

I am offering a 6-week programme to include hypnosis and coaching weight loss techniques.

This will comprise of 6 weekly sessions online.

Groups will be small, comprising of 4-6 people.  You will be able to connect and interact with each other to offer friendship, support and motivation.

Each session will take place at 6.30pm on a week night.

Between sessions, if you so wish you will be able to connect with other group members on a private fb group. Each person will receive text messages from me between sessions to ensure we keep up the support and motivation.

This is not a diet or nutrition programme, nor is it counting calories.

It is not for the faint-hearted who wish to moan and make excuses.

It is for those that are ready to develop a positive mind set to make permanent, healthy life changes.

In this way the weight remains off and your health naturally improves. You will be astounded by the results so be sure to join us.

Each session will be £30, making the 6-week programme just £180.

Excellent value for a positive life change.  Don’t you think?

 Contact Suzannah for more details and how to join.  suzannah@mind-switchtherapies.com






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