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My name is Suzannah Leighton. I am the founder of Mind Switch Therapies and Haven Hypnotherapy Academy. I qualified as a Hypnotherapist/Analyst over 20 years ago.

I later trained as a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic programming with Dr. Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna and Michael Breen.

I am passionate about hypnotherapy and the results it can achieve for people. I have worked with thousands of clients from all walks of life and seen many transformations.

I run a private practice in Somerset. I train groups around the country with Haven Hypnotherapy Academy teaching hypnotherapy. I have written the diploma and it comes from the years of experience I have in the industry. It is approved and accredited by CPD (continuing professional development)

One of my areas of expertise is weight loss. I am a licenced FATnosis practitioner.

FATnosis is a leading edge 6 week motivational programme. It yields amazing results for those committed to losing weight. The programme helps you to develop a healthy lifestyle. A combination of hypnosis and coaching. Most importantly, it helps clients develop a strong mindset to achieve their goals.

I am also a Kinetic Shift Practitioner. Kinetic Shift is a powerful technique for rapid change. It is content free, meaning the client does not have to disclose any information.

I always aim to keep up to date with the latest ideas and techniques. I am lucky that over the years I have trained with many of the top names in the industry.

My programmes are bespoke to each person. Distance is no object as sessions can happen on skype as well as in person.

If you are ready to make a change I am here to help. Pick up the phone and give me a call on 07545 139009 or email:

I know there is still some mystery and fear around hypnosis for some people. I understand this as many people have a vision of stage hypnosis.

Hypnosis as therapy is nothing like stage hypnosis and I would like to dispel this mystery and fear for you. At all times during the process you are in control and no one has any influence or power over you.

At any time, you are able to stop the process if you wish but it is highly unlikely you would as it is a very pleasant state. In hypnosis it is not necessary to have your eyes closed but is often comfortable to do so. Hypnosis is a natural state. A state of “heightened awareness and total focus”.

This state of total focus helps you to identify negative patterns of behaviour. This then helps you to find ways to create a more positive outlook. You make the changes.

A skilled hypnotherapist will guide you to a state of mind where you can recognise what needs to change. From there, we can embed positive suggestion for change.


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