FATnosis Weight Loss Programme

A lot of people that come to me for my FATnosis Programme tell me a similar story.

The story goes: being fat I just want to hideaway, wear baggy clothes and definitely not want to go shopping for clothes as it is depressing.

It doesn’t need to be this way! With determination, professional help, hypnotic suggestion and regular motivational coaching all this can change.

You can hold your head up high.

Imagine as the fat melts away you begin to feel fitter, happier in yourself.  Just imagine a shopping spree where you can go to any shop and find a lovely new outfit to fit you.

See yourself walking along the street with your head held high, a smile on your face and your self-esteem raising through the roof.

I can help you achieve this. FATnosis is an amazing programme and really gets results, it is not a diet or a nutrition programme but a mindset.

Don’t hideaway, give me a call today.  Let’s chat and see if the 6 session FATnosis Programme is right for you. 07545 139009.

Distance no object, sessions can be conducted on Skype or similar.

Get the body you want “Much too gorgeous to be fat”.

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