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Suzannah Leighton
20th August 2019

I am now a Licensed HypnoAntidepressant Programme Practitioner, having successfully completed my final assessment. I am pleased to announce that I can now offer this brand-new service to clients.   The HypnoAntidepressant Programme is an innovative, totally unique programme. I tailor the programme to YOU and your specific needs and requirements.   Everyone is different...

Suzannah Leighton
19th August 2019

So many people suffer from depression these days. Often suffering in silence with a smile on their face. It has no outward signs as in physical afflictions, so often no one knows. This, I imagine can be a very lonely world. For many, creating feelings of guilt, shame and worthlessness.   Depression affects the ability...

Suzannah Leighton
18th August 2019

What is Anxiety? There are many forms of anxiety.  Social anxiety is exactly what it says, an anxious feeling in a social situation.  Some people with anxiety build a “what if” scenario in their heads.  They will imagine situations, amplify them in their mind. Then the anxious feelings run riot and the situation in their...

Suzannah Leighton
15th August 2019

Limiting beliefs. What holds you back? Here is a story written by an anonymous author.  I love this story because it is so true.  Often, what holds you back is limiting beliefs. They could be comments from childhood or a life experience. Conditioning from the past. Often they are not real but have become stuck...

Suzannah Leighton
25th July 2019

My name is Suzannah Leighton. I am the founder of Mind Switch Therapies and Haven Hypnotherapy Academy. I qualified as a Hypnotherapist/Analyst over 20 years ago. I later trained as a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic programming with Dr. Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna and Michael Breen. I am passionate about hypnotherapy and the results it...

Suzannah Leighton
11th July 2019

Is anxiety running your life? That overwhelming feeling of despair and fear. Hypnotherapy and motivational coaching really can change that.  There’s nothing mystical about hypnosis, you are always in control.  It’s a state of pure focus where YOU can make changes with a little guidance from an experienced therapist. What have you got to lose...


Do you have a phobia? Is it holding you back? Ever wondered what life would be like without that? Just for a moment, I would like you to imagine being free from that phobia. What could you do that you currently avoid? Imagine and feel the sense of freedom you will have when you are...


A lot of people that come to me for my FATnosis Programme tell me a similar story. The story goes: being fat I just want to hideaway, wear baggy clothes and definitely not want to go shopping for clothes as it is depressing. It doesn’t need to be this way! With determination, professional help, hypnotic...