Kinetic Shift

Qualified Kinetic Shift Practitioner with the UK Hypnosis Academy

Kinetic shift is a very powerful technique to remove fears, phobias, old patterns of behaviour, trauma, feelings that hold us back from achieving full potential and much more.

  • It is very quick and very efficient.
  • Old negative patterns of belief can be released very quickly.
  • Just because it took a long time to develop those fears, negative feelings or beliefs doesn’t mean it needs to take a long time to be rid of them.
  • Kinetic Shift is not hypnosis but possibly better described as energy work.

I am thrilled to have qualified as a Kinetic Shift Practitioner with the UK Hypnosis Academy as it is an incredibly swift and powerful agent for change and the Academy is an amazing support to all its practitioners.

Kinetic Shift technique was developed by Karl Smith who has a background in Military and high end Policing.  He himself suffered from post traumatic stress syndrome which led him to hypnosis and culminated in his creating the UK Hypnosis Academy and Kinetic Shift Technique.

Recognizing that lying on a couch reliving past memories was not the way forward Kinetic Shift was born.

I am very proud to have learned KS from the best which was born out of personal experience.

Sometimes I combine Kinetic Shift with hypnosis and sometimes it is not necessary.

If you have read this, are intrigued and ready for change please don’t hesitate to call me on 07545 139009

All calls and sessions are held in utmost confidentiality.

Distance no object as Kinetic  Shift can be done successfully over Skype.

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