What is Hypnosis

A Powerful Tool for Healing

Hypnosis is a perfectly natural state that we enter regularly without even knowing.


  • Daydreaming
  • Becoming totally absorbed in something on TV to the point of not noticing someone enter the room.
  • Reading a book and becoming one with the characters and surroundings.
  • Driving home and having no memory of passing through the village. I think we have all done that at some time.  Reassuringly this is a very safe state and driving skills are not impaired.  During that drive your subconscious mind was very much in control.

It is the very beneficial use of our powerful imaginations to bring about change.

The subconscious mind is spontaneous, imaginative and creative.

The cognitive mind is rational, logical, analytical and can often create self doubt. It is the little voice in your head that says “I don’t think you can do that”,” be careful, you might hurt yourself,” “you are just not good enough”. It seems to protect us but at the same time causes us to doubt ourselves.  This creates lack of confidence, anxiety, fear, self doubt, feelings of lack of worth, low self esteem etc.

Hypnosis is a perfectly safe relaxed state where the hypnotherapist can offer suggestions directly through your subconscious mind, bypassing the cognitive thought processes in order to bring about beneficial change for you.

The hypnotic state is very relaxing, safe and comfortable but you can come out of it at any time you choose and return to your normal state of awakened awareness.

What Hypnosis is NOT

Some people believe that the hypnotist has some sort of power over them and can make them do things that they wouldn’t normally do.

This is a total myth.

The hypnotist/therapist cannot give suggestions for you to do anything against your will or morals. You are always in control. When someone volunteers to go on stage with a hypnotist they are game for a laugh otherwise they would not volunteer.

It is not watching a swinging watch or spending long periods of time lying on a couch baring your soul.

These days we have swift, modern techniques where issues can be dealt with quickly.  Often it is not even necessary to share content of your problem.

No need to go back over old painful scenarios just a desire to let them go and move on with life to become all you can be and then some more.

Stage hypnosis has its place but when hypnosis is used in a therapeutic way it is a game changer and will enable you to feel good, make changes and live life to the full, which everyone truly deserves.

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